Almost €4 million for walking & cycling in Co. Monaghan announced

The National Transport Authority has awarded Monaghan County Council €3,985,620 towards a programme of walking and cycling projects to be carried out during 2021, as part of a five year ‘Active Travel’ scheme being rolled out under the Programme for Government.

This is an exciting development for walking and cycling in the county, and is a significant level of investment in walking and cycling infrastructure in the county, with a promise of more to come.

The projects were selected by the Council through consultation by roads, community, tourism and Municipal District staff, and are contained as actions in the draft Walking & Cycling Strategy, which is currently out to public consultation.

Completion of these project will therefore get the Strategy off to a great start. It also highlights the importance of feeding into the public consultation which is presently ongoing on the draft Strategy, as this is very plainly not a document which is destined to remain on a shelf; there is significant funding at stake over the next four years, and it is important that the Strategy is up to task.

To see a list of the projects which were awarded funding in this call, click here

To view the draft Strategy, and find out more about how you can have your say on it, click here

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