New Walking & Cycling Strategy open to public comment

County Monaghan has its first Walking & Cycling Strategy – well, almost! The Strategy is in draft form, and is open to public comment for the month of April.

This is an important opportunity to influence public policy, and will have a real impact on walking and cycling infrastructure over the next three to five years in Co. Monaghan, as there has recently been a marked increase in funding for active travel projects.

By inputting into this document, you could have a real chance to see projects you want to see happen in your area – cycle lanes, safe routes to school, long distance routes designed to attract tourists………now is your opportunity to put your ideas forward, and to say why you think they deserve to be given priority.

The Strategy also looks at how to get more people walking and cycling, so if you have ideas for activities, clubs, festivals, programmes, or other supports which you think would make it easier or more attractive to people to walk or cycle, let’s hear them, and get them written in to the Strategy so we can get them happening!

You can view the Strategy here

You can make comments on the Strategy by using this survey form

At the end of the form, there’s an opportunity to sign up to take part in a Focus Group if you have more to say

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