Rural Hackney Scheme

Low-cost licences available to community groups and individuals in rural areas

‌‌Following changes to the taxi regulations in December last, a new scheme has been introduced for rural areas where the public transport available isn’t sufficient to meet the needs of the community.

A community group or an individual may apply to the National Transport Authority for a Local Area Hackney Licence, which will enable them to operate a hackney service in the local area for which they have made the application.

If you are interested in making an application, you will need:

  • A letter from a local group setting out the need for the service
  • A report from the Local Authority confirming the need

These need to be submitted with your application to operate a Local Area Hackney Service, so they are the first things you should start to sort out if you’re thinking about making an application.

To operate the Local Hackney Service, you need TWO separate licences:

1.  A Local Area Hackney vehicle licence. This costs €50 and is available from the National Transport Authority. To download an application form for this licence, follow this link: Local_Area_Hackney_Application_Form

2.  A licence to drive a local area hackney, which is available from your local Garda station. This costs €20. If you already hold a licence to drive a small public service vehicle, you don’t need to get the local area hackney licence.

To read more about the scheme, follow this link to Guidance Notes for the Local Area Hackney Licence scheme : Information_Guide_for_Local_Area_Hackney_Licences_-_December_2013

If you are making an application to the NTA and need a report from the County Council to support your application, contact Carol Lambe in Monaghan County Council’s Office of Community & Enterprise, who will arrange to have a report carried out.

Carol can be reached on 047 30500 or by email on

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