Hospital buses

Cavan Monaghan Local Link is your source for the most up to date information on community transport to regional and national hospitals. Phone 047 51840 to discuss your needs.

Need a lift to hospital?

A FREE bus service goes twice daily between Monaghan and Cavan Hospitals.

Check with the hospitals for times.  If you require further information on HSE Services locally
and/or nationally you can access the website
or contact the HSE Information Line 1850 24 1850. 

Bus Eireann also run a service between Monaghan and Cavan. The 175 and 175A bus timetables can be found here

If you’ve an appointment in a Dublin hospital, you and a companion can avail of a FREE bus from Monaghan Hospital to the door of your Dublin destination. You MUST pre-book your seat the week before, so the HSE can work out who needs to get to where, and by when. Please note this service is available ONLY to MEDICAL CARD HOLDERS. You must have an appointment. Bus departs Monaghan Hospital at 7.00am daily subject to bookings. Bookings are made by calling 1850 211 923.

Going to Drogheda? Bus Eireann have announced a change to a route to facilitate Monaghan people going to Our Lady of Lourdes hospital. The Dublin/ Monaghan 182 and 182A buses now swings by Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital 7 times a day rather than going straight to the airport.

Bus Eireann revised route timetable Drogheda

13 thoughts on “Hospital buses

  1. I’ve an appointment in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital at 10.30am on Thursday 18th January. Which is the best bus and from where woulld suit?

    • Hello Methona. This website is run by Monaghan County Council. It’s just a place which pulls together the information on the various transport providers in the county. You will find on the website the contact information for the service provider which is running the hospital bus service. Your best bet is to give them a ring and have a wee chat. That way you will be sure that the information you are given is up to date, as sometimes services are changed and it takes a while for word to filter back to us to make changes to this website.

  2. I have robotic surgery in St Vincent’s hospital next month and want to go down the night before what would your last bus be on a Tues evening that would pass through or close to Carrickmacross ? Thanks

    • Hello Kevin
      The HSE-run hospital buses run in the mornings, aiming to get patients to their appointments on that day.
      If you want to travel up the evening before, you are best to look at either Bus Eireann or a private operator.
      Good luck with your surgery 🙂

  3. I’ve a appointment this Thursday in Beaumont Hosp Dublin. I live in Carrickmacross my app is 11.15 am which bus could I get up and down please and from where ???? 087 9434691 thank u
    Geraldine Meegan here

    • Hello Geraldine
      Local Link runs a daily bus service for people with hospital appointments in Dublin. Phone Padraic to find out times 047 51840

      Alternatively, you could travel by ordinary bus from Carrick to Dublin Airport, then take a 16 or 16c from bus stop 7347 at Terminal 1 across to Beaumont Rd. There’s a bus every 20 mins and the journey takes about 15 mins. Get off at Stop 233. You will then have to walk about 1.5km (20 mins) to reach the hospital.

      You could also opt to go in to the city centre, and take a 14 or 27B out from in front of Liberty Hall (stop 300). They will drop you less than 200m from Beaumont hospital (2 minute walk) at stop 254

  4. Good Afternoon…My sister Margaret Callaghan Cahill…has appointment at Beaumont HOSPITAL. ..Monday morning at 11am. …she will need Transport there and back…..Margaret number is0877708328

    • Good morning. This website is not monitored at the weekend, so we are only receiving your message this morning.
      This website provides information only. It cannot make arrangements for people. It’s up to you to take the information provided and ring the numbers provided to make the arrangements. I hope your sister made it to her appointment safely.

  5. Is there a bus straight from Carrickmacross to Beaumont hospital for outpatient appointments cus I do have appointments every x3 mths… & if so what times or days do they run? & due to my long term illness I don’t drive

  6. If you have not been able to get a reply from either of the HSE phone numbers provided on this page, try the HSE Covid helpline, 1800 24 1800 There may be a change to hospital bus services because of Covid.

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