National Journey Planner

The National Transport Authority’s new National Journey Planner on  helps people plan personal journeys, door-to-door, anywhere in Ireland, using public transport and / or walking.  There is also an App available.


Click through to the site and you will see that the National Journey Planner is unlike anything seen in Ireland before:

  • It’s national – covering all 26 counties, plus stops from RoI services in Northern Ireland.
  • It’s multi-operator, with bus, rail, tram, taxis and ferries included – private operators as well as the CIE companies.
  • It has a huge scope, with 9,600 bus stops across Ireland included, 750 different routes, 152 train stations, and route and timetable information from 120 different transport providers.
  • It gives fully mapped-out route information, printable timetables and details of overall journey timesall in one place.
  • Advanced Settings” feature allow you to set your own preferred walking time and speed, your willingness to make interchanges between services, or any preference for one travel mode over others.

Coming next on the site will be

  • Real Time Passenger Information inputs.
  • Rural Transport programme / demand responsive services.
  • Fares information for your journey.
  • Cycle planner.


We’ve set up a special feedback channel on, and we’re actively encouraging as much feedback from members of the public as we can; our special technical team is in place to use this feedback to fine-tune and improve the site further.

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