What are you doing to mark European Mobility Week?

European Mobility Week (EMW) takes place each year from 16 – 22 September. EMW is a European wide initiative which aims to promote a shift towards sustainable urban transport in place of over-reliance on the use of cars.

Each annual EMW event is based on a specific theme. ‘Choose. Change. Combine.’ has been selected as the theme for 2015. Each journey is different, but too often we rely on the same mode of transport, regardless of whether it’s best suited to the task. Reflexively, we may hop into our car, even though cycling or public transport may be the more efficient choice.

This year’s theme of multimodality encourages people to think about the range of transport options available, and to choose the right mode when travelling. It invites people to combine ways of getting around, which can often lead to a quicker and more pleasant journey.

Through making clever choices about the type of transport we use, we can save money, improve our health and help the environment – all it takes is a willingness to try something new.

EMW also incorporates “Car Free Day” on Tuesday 22 September

So, what do you plan to do differently during EMW?

We’d love to hear about it.

2 thoughts on “What are you doing to mark European Mobility Week?

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    • We haven’t considered what we’re doing yet for European Mobility Week……September 2018 seems so long away.
      Thanks for the reminder though – we’ll get our thinking hats on!
      All ideas welcome!!

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